Manila Fringe Festival Inc. (trading as Fringe Manila) was incorporated with the Securities and Exchange Commission on July 10, 2013. The Articles of Incorporation on the corporation are as follows;

The Vision of Manila Fringe Festival Inc. is to raise the awareness of, among domestic and international audiences, the depth and breadth of artistic endeavor across the Philippines.

The Mission of Manila Fringe Festival Inc. is to stage and produce an arts festival, to be called Fringe Manila, that will aim to showcase fresh, daring, and groundbreaking material highlighting the unique point of view of emerging and established artists from the Philippines and internationally, across all genres including, but not limited to, theater, poetry, music, dance and the visual arts.

Realizing this mission is defined by the core values of Manila Fringe Festival Inc., which are Accessibility, Community, Advocacy, Freedom of Expression, Creativity, Education, Collaboration and Sustainability.

The Goals of Manila Fringe Festival Inc. are;

(1) To support the recognition of the Philippines as an arts destination for both local and international artists and companies;

(2) To provide a platform dedicated to showcasing experimental and original works by local Filipino artists;

(3) To encourage and support the engaging of international artists with Filipino culture, enabling a ‘cross-pollination’ of ideas, concepts & cultures with local practitioners;

(4) To work with artists and assist them in accessing and building audiences. Equally, to work with audiences and educate them to take risks and engage with arts practice is all its forms;

(5) To work with venues, both conventional and unconventional, to assist them to activate their spaces and engage new audiences; and

(6) To build a business that will support the needs of its community, one that will be financially and ethically sustainable.