As the 2018 Fringe Festival opens on the 7th, we can expect the creative creatures and inspired animals of Poblacion to revel in the jam-packed calendar of festivities Fringe has lined up for Philippine Arts Month!

See what kind of events these beasts might be interested in or discover that you may just so happen to be one yourself!


The Music Mavens

The Music Mavens – These creatures of the night will keep you up, playing their sounds late into the night. Known for their talent and charisma, they will often break sound barriers and, if a barangay tanod is outside, any rules involving permittable sound in residential areas (sorry kuya!). They may appear as soulful sirens or as wailing banshees, but whatever form they take we can always rely on them to bring a little music to the sounds of the city.

Where to find them:

Fringe Opening Night
Voodoo Child
Fringe Music at The Humble Heron
Pineapple Jam
Fringe Music at Dulo
Kakayanin Benefit Concert
Not Your Typical


The Drama Queens

The Drama Queens – If all the world’s a stage in which men and women are merely players, then these creatures will come out to play. Last seen watching The Greatest Showman for the third time, these queens put the art in maarte. They can be found speaking with great loudness and clarity wherever they go (“I can’t help that I have such good projection!), that is, if they aren’t on vocal rest in preparation for the hectic audition season.

Where to find them:

Hard for Art’s Sake
BFF: Best Fringe Forever
Letters to Poblacion
Night Mother
MNL Trapik
Bow-wow-aw: On Dogs, Loves, Hugots, and More


The Unicorns

The Unicorns – Who are they? What do they do? These beings, perhaps with their uniquely-colored hair and out-of-this-world fashion, mystify those who catch sight of them. They belong to no one and are unbound by the rules of genre.These festival-goers can be found only at the most bold, most daring, most Fringe-y events. 

Where to find them:

Spanks and Giggles
Twerkshop with Sam Reynolds
Vouging with Ralph Escamilan
Gay Per View
Movement Workshop
Bare Dynamics
The Starving Artist Tour
QuetiaPink Exhibit
Alamat by Make It Happen Workshop
Coffee Cup Doodling
Live Breathe Masterclass
Pop up Market
ActiveVista Short film screening


The Virgin

The Virgin – The Fringe first timer. If found alone, they’ll be found acting as a wallflower at a crowded gig with an almost empty beer in had. If found with company, know that they tend hunt in packs, relying on barkada support to integrate oneself with the Fringe crowd. With wide eyes and a giant Fringe guide sticking out of their backpacks, these kids  are so excited that they’ve clicked “going” on all the Fringe event pages. Good luck out there Fringe Freshies!

Where to find them:



Let us know who among the Fringetastic Beasts you most relate to! Tag a friend if you think they fall under any of these categories. Share and spread the word. We are in need of more virgin sacrifices for a successful arts month. [insert evil laugh here]