Here’s what’s happening this week at Fringe! FEB 7 thru 11!

Fringe Opening Night

Four years in the making. Fringe 2018, in celebration of Philippine Arts Month, is finally here! Let’s kick things off with a bang-silog. CHAROT!

We have a sexy line up of all things Fringe coming your way. Watch this event page as details come flying in! Basta mag “GOING” ka na & tell your friends. See you soon!

Starving Artist Tour
“The Starving Artist Tour,” a food and street art walk around the bustling community that is Poblacion, Makati. Dee Jae is an artist that is just as passionate with art as he is with food. He’ll walk you along the nooks and crannies of Poblacion, sharing his art that has become a cultural stamp of the neighborhood while stopping along the way to grab good bites. Participants of this tour will get an exclusive print of his artwork!

QuetiaPink: Opening Night

A pop-up solo art exhibition by Adam Red as part of Fringe 2018, a free-access, uncensored arts and community festival.

QuetiaPink* explores the different forms of bizarre beauty through the savage realities of Philippine society. Instead of looking away from them, it intends to expose the realities that they convey…and have fun with them.

Alamat: Make It Happen

ALAMAT: Philippine mythological creatures reimagined as art-deco robots.

The inspiration came from the movie, “The Iron Giant”, an animated movie which was set in the 70’s. The team used repurposed materials as the main component for the robots which gave the pieces a mechanical vibe.

Active Vista Film Showing

The Active Vista Human Rights Short Films shed light on versions and visions of truth towards a tempestuous awakening of a generation that responds to the call of the times. The 2017 Active Vista Short Films are the following:

  1. 1.Si Astri Maka Si Tambulah by Joseph Vincent “Xeph” Suarez
  2. Aliens Ata by Karl Glenn L. Barit
  3. Retrospektib by Daryll Jameson N. Apaga
  4. Daluhong by Don Madula Senoc
  5. Alpabetong Filipino by Christine Joyce R. Silva
  6. How to Traffic Humans by Gian Andre Rembrandt Arre
  7. Paano Bihisan Ang Isang Ina? by Tim Rone B. Villanueva
  8. Headline by Juan Carlos Ojano
  9. Alipato by Jao Manahan
  10. Barikada by Mico Tagulalac

FEB 8// BFF Best Fringe Forever
BFF: Best Fringe Forever

SPIT has always been at the fringe of the Philippine Art and Theater scene since they began performing in 2002. They have since performed in all the continents except Africa, Australia, and Antarctica. Unscripted, unrehearsed, fresh and unpredictable, they offer a night of long-form improvisation based on audience suggestions.

Voodoo Child
The 10th volume of Voodoo Child is here!

Say hello to these Rock and Roll, Blues and Funk children:

  • The Big Beer Dippers
  • The Wants
  • Northernman
  • Bing Austria (DJ set)

Php 200 at the door with a free drink!

Letters To Poblacion
Calling all writers and wordsmiths, write a letter to Poblacion and let Team Manila turn your words into typography. Posters will be posted sa mga poste ng Poblacion.

Join us on February 9 to just hang out and let the words flow. Your words will be on display in Commune and all around Poblacion during Fringe 2018 (until February 25).

Email to register!

Hard For Art's Sake
We all have that one person we sleep with just once a year–oh wait, that’s just us?

In any case, Deus Sex Machina is back for its fourth fling with FringeMNL this February! We’re bringing the ass in classy as we stage eight new original pieces in one of the classiest venues in Makati: the Yuchengco Museum!

This time it’s gonna be all about ART! Pretentious critics! Commissions gone wrong! Social media curation! Haiku erotica! Lang Leav and her totally-real-not-made-up-actual-person beau, Michael Faudet! THEATERRRRR!!! An actual meta piece?!?! And finally, the cinematic masterpiece that is Tommy Wiseau’s The Room!

FEB 9 // Gay Per View: Sam Reynolds
Gay Per View: Sam Reynolds
SILENCE! Bring. Back. Our. Show! Start your engines and head to Dulo MNL for a boozy & dancey viewing of RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars 3 every Friday night starting JAN 26.

Hosted by Victor Platon & Super Starlet aka Shahani Gania with post-viewing beats by BoyKillsRobot aka Kim Galanza

+ Go for gold and come in drag or join this week’s Death Drop contest for special prizes.

+ Plus special cocktails by Absolut. For the pilot viewing, sip on the Dela-inspired #NippleTassel cocktail!

An entrance fee of P200 will be charged per night.

FEB10 // Twerkshop: Sam Reynolds
Come and create a brand-new, short, solo performance piece and showcase your work at February’s Gayborhood Night as part of FringeMNL 2018!

Pineapple Lab’s Artist-in-Residence Sam Reynolds will be hosting a series of workshops, bringing together a group of artists to devise their own individual cabaret pieces which can be playful, provocative, political, or just downright fun, culminating in a charged variety-style showcase.

Whether you’re a drag artist, burlesque artist, circus artist, or all or none of these, and whether this is your first time on stage or you’re a seasoned performer needing some inspiration for your latest piece, this workshop will provide you with a safe, open space to share ideas, exchange feedback, and gain a wider international insight on alternative cabaret and queer performance. By the end of the workshop, you will be given the opportunity to present whatever you want at the end of it with liberation and without restriction.

FEB 10 // Spanks and Giggles: The Joy of Hitting People
Spanks and Giggles
Have you ever wondered why people like getting spanked? Or have you always wanted to try spanking but never had the confidence? Explore these questions and more at Spanks and Giggles, a workshop designed to share the joy of hitting people.

Manila’s Funniest Boobs and dominatrix kink educator, Domina Chase, will be the ringleader for this workshop. This workshop is ideal for beginners and the curious. Be ready to hit and be hit as this is a “hands-on” (and hand tingling) workshop. Shy around strangers? Make sure to bring a friend!

FEB 10 // Movement Workshop
Movement Workshop
Vancouver based Dancer-Performer-Choreographer Ralph Escamillan is offering a community workshop, exploring different styles of movement in dance. All are welcome to explore and experience!

FEB 10 // Komiket
KOMIKET, The Filipino Komiks and Art Market, is the country’s biggest art market for local komiks creators. Meet and greet over 500 artists, writers, and publisher, grab some affordable art, commission original sketches, and take home as much stickers, postcards, and komiks your heart desires.

FEB 10 // Fringe Music: Live at the Humble Heron!
Fringe Music

A Fringe night filled with juicy beats from Bluesy Rock to Pop Punk to Jazzy Acoustic tunes!

Featured Artists:

  • Hansom
  • Hoochie Coochie Mikkie
  • Shak’thiya Subramaniamm – Shak & The Baits
  • Izzy Salinel

Event starts at 8:00PM. 200 PHP gets you in the door & 1 beer!

Himala’s musical journey began in early 2004 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. With music by composer and lyricist Vincent De Jesus, orchestration by Jed Balsamo, and a script by Ricky Lee, “Himala” broke barriers as one of the most celebrated film to stage adaptations in local theater history.

FEB 10 // Night Mother
Night Mother
This coming Feb 24, 2018, we will be producing a special performance of Philippine Educational Theater Association’s ‘Night Mother as part of our 21st Anniversary Celebration.

‘‘Night, Mother is a taut and fluid drama by one of America’s most talented playwrights, Marsha Norman. It won the Dramatists Guild’s prestigious Hull-Warriner Award, four Tony nominations, the Susan Smith Blackburn Prize, and the Pulitzer Prize in 1983.

For tickets, please call us at 415-7964, 415-6529, 09175203509

FEB 10 // Commune Coffee University
Commune Coffee University
Want to know the secret behind consistently beautiful latte designs? Join our class and practice steaming milk, creating microfoam, and pouring latte art on your coffee. Show off your artistic skills with latte designs like hearts, rosettas, tulips, or even 3D art!

FEB 10 // Coffee Cup Doodling
Coffee Cup Doodling
Coffee Cup Doodling will be a doodling workshop with Jaykee Evangelista (@titoshakey on IG). Get your doodle art on some coffee cups to be displayed in Commune.

FEB 10 // Kakayanin Benefit Concert
Kakayanin Benefit Concert
Calling all the writers and wordsmiths, write a letter to Poblacion and let Team Manila turn your words into typography. Posters will be posted sa mga poste ng Poblacion.

FEB 10 // Improviliga
We’re back for another battle!

Watch us meet with other improvisers for a set made up on the spot, with you guys. The competition is fierce, and with our wit, dexterity, and luck, someone will come on top; while still making everyone else look good.

FEB 10 // Proseso

A curated forum focusing on the ‘creative process’ of different collectives, artists, brands and initiatives. A free-format discussion amongst keynote speakers and the attendees.

P R O S E S O (ii): Sustainable Brands

Exploring the hows and whys of local ‘sustainable’ concepts that are making waves in raising awareness and growing environmentally conscious consumer cultures.

FEB 10 // MNL Trapik
MNL Trapik

In cooperation with Fringe Manila 2018, and under the supervision of Prof. Alexander Cortez for Theatre 298 class in UP Diliman, MATA Productions presents MNL Trapik: a trilogy of one-act plays about human trafficking originally written by Emman Mante; directed by Christian Dagsil.

The play trilogy will run from Feb 10, 11, 17, and 18, 2018; 5pm and 7pm, at the Amelia Lapeña-Bonifacio Teatro Papet Museo, Quezon city. (refer to location for more details). Tickets are at P300 (P250 for students). For ticket buying, you may contact Alecks Ambayec at 09173490917 or at

Play 1: Ate; starring Alecks Ambayec (Jovie) and Esteban Fulay, Jr. (Jace)

Play 2: Eva Hamok; starring Micah Musa (Eva) and Danny Pelagio (Eva alternate)

Play 3: Cherry Blossom Eskapo; starring Ali Hooshmand (Andrew) and Kleigh Goddess Amparo (Sarah)

FEB 10 // Not your Typical
Not Your Typical


The Ruins, Alfonso St. Poblacion, Makati.

2-12AM – Event ends at midnight.

Music, Art, Dance & Vibrations by:

  • JOJO FLORES – Montreal, Canada
  • SHORTKUT – San Francisco, USA
  • THAT GIRL – San Francisco, USA
  • MIRO – Croatia
  • MARVELOUS – Manila, Philippines
  • DEE JAE PAESTE – San Jose, USA
  • HENRI LAMY – Lyon, France
  • ARCHIE OCLOS – Manila, Philippines
  • PADYAK PH NYT Cypher


FEB 10 // Bow-Wow-Aw

Bow-Wow-Aw! (On Dogs, Loves, Hugots and More…) is a playback theatre performance for dog lovers, happy hearts, forever haters, and for all those who just want a space to get that hugot out and share their stories. Storytelling can be fun and healing too. In this performance, the story-sharing can be enriching both for tellers and listeners. Together, the audience and the actors are expected to create a community of shared experience and a moment to be remembered forever.

FEB 11 // Pineapple Jam
Pineapple Jam
Hello 2018! Pineapple Lab kicks off the first Sunday of FringeMNL with the first Pineapple Jam of the year! We’re going sky high with a rooftop venue & we’ve got Lokal Hostel to thank.

The Pineapple Jam is one of Pineapple Lab’s Neighborhood Nights, a Free-to-the-Public music event where we invite local artists, movers, shakers, thinkers and drinkers to get together for one evening and celebrate the diversity in our community.

FEB 11 // Pop Up Market
Pop Up Market
Come join us for another Pop-Up Market at KAPWA Studio. Support local vendors selling unique and handcrafted goods along with one of a kind finds.

FEB 11 // Live. Breathe. Masterclass.
Live. Breathe. Masterclass.

The founder of and host/producer of “Live Breathe Yoga” on Filipino TV in Canada, Kaye Peñaflor shares best practices for building a stronger, healthier relationship with yourself as an artist so you can LIVE & BREATHE your passion.

FEB 11 // Bare Dynamics
Bare Dynamics
Bare Dynamics is a nude sketching session that promotes body positivity and nudity by incorporating improv movements that reflect life’s day-to-day stiff and graceful motions.

Nudity is a form of purity and vulnerability that most of us have trouble embracing due to social norms, society and our own insecurities. Bare Dynamics is an avenue that aims to extinguish inhibitions and bring release through art and self expression.


Registration Fee P500 w/ a beer.

Pre-registration via:

+639162246860 /

FEB 11 // Alagwa: Alaga – Lupa – Kapwa
Join us to creatively celebrate the lands, foods, and legacies that sustain us with a community dialogue & dinner, an interdisciplinary creative gathering & a bazaar of sustainability-dedicated creators

FEB 11 // Alagwa: A Dialogue w. Womxn in Creative Sustainable Leadership
Alagwa: A Dialogue w. Womxn in Creative Sustainable Leadership
Join us as we invite dialogue on how we can we support gender justice in sustainability work with:

  • Bea Miso-Crisostomo (ecopreneur, Ritual)
  • Drei Castillo (gulay fairy, Good Food Community)
  • Lauren Sevilla Faustino (film-maker + founder of SaGana Project)
  • Mara Herrera (visual artist,
  • Melissa Gibson (ecopreneur, Gaia Retreats)
  • Nash Tysmans (journalist + writer)

FEB 11 // Alagwa: Intro to Permaculture + Ecofeminism
Alagwa: Intro to Permaculture + Ecofeminism
We invite you to a discussion to demystify permaculture and gender concepts, to re-imagine a local context, and to reflect on their relationship and relevance.

This workshop will be facilitated by Cho Dantes and Rani Salvadora. Cho is an aspiring filmmaker who tries to highlight the social fabric aspect of the permaculture principles, while Rani is a content creator who advocates for nature-based production in the city.