Fringe Manila is excited to open its doors to educational institutions! It is our great pleasure to invite people from universities and other types of post-secondary learning institutions to participate in the festival.  Fringe is taking steps to provide opportunities for students and teachers to take part in the rich, artistic and multicultural exchange that the festival offers. There are various levels of engagement available for your school:


Fringe provides an avenue for schools to showcase their best works and open their practices to our diverse audiences. We would be thrilled to include your creative endeavors in the festival program.


Fringe festivals all over the world embrace the spirit of volunteerism.  We encourage individuals to help out and take a more active part in making Fringe Manila a success. Opportunities are open for learning and experiencing the different aspects of producing a Fringe festival. If you and/or your affiliated school are interested in sending students to the festival as interns or volunteers, please contact us and we would be glad to accommodate your requests. Feel free to fill out our online Volunteer or Internship forms!


Fringe Manila offers a unique artistic encounter through its diverse range of creative works from emerging artists that would shape our city’s artistic and cultural landscape. It would also be a wonderful chance to meet and connect with local and international artists and groups. We will be working with artists and venues participating in Fringe to provide special concessions for schools that help students engage in the events at Fringe Manila.


Fringe Manila welcomes the possibility of partnering with educational institutions to provide the platform for emerging artists to present their works in Fringe Manila. We would appreciate proposals for spaces that may be used for performances and exhibitions during the festival.

We believe that you and your school’s participation will be a valuable asset to Fringe Manila. If you and/or your affiliated educational institution are interested in engaging with Fringe Manila, or learning more about the festival, please feel free to get in touch with us.


Eric Villanueva Dela Cruz

Associate Director & Board Member