Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fringe Manila?

An open-access, uncensored arts and community festival, Fringe Manila focuses on showcasing fresh, daring, groundbreaking new work by emerging and established artists from the Philippines and from all over the world. Since its first iteration in 2015, Fringe Manila has taken over Metro Manila and has opened the Philippine arts scene up to exciting new forms of theatre, literature, music, dance, visual art, film, cabaret, performance art, spoken word, circus and every genre in between. It has, for the past three years, produced over 300 events, showcased the works of over 2000 artists, and has attracted over 50,000 attendants.

What are the dates for Fringe Manila 2018?

Fringe will open on Wednesday, February 7 with an Opening Night Gala event. February 7 (Wednesday) to February 25 (Sunday) is the official date range for events and exhibits to be staged as part of Fringe.

If you want to stage an event as part of Fringe, a majority of your events performance/exhibition dates should sit within these dates. If there are unique circumstances surrounding your event, contact the Fringe team and we can discuss your circumstances further!

Do you offer an internship program?

Yes, we do! We’re looking for some unicorns to help spread the Fringe magic! To learn more about internships and volunteer opportunities, click here:

Can I sponsor Fringe?

Yes! To learn more about sponsorships, visit our Become a Sponsor page  by clicking here:

What does it mean to register an event with Fringe Manila?

Registering your event is the first step to having your event recognized as a part of Fringe Manila. It gives the Fringe team some basic information on who you are and what assistance you may need over the months ahead. It is also necessary so that we can allocate space for your event in the printed Official Fringe Program. It does NOT contract you to Fringe or oblige you to stage an event in the festival. It is also your choice where, when, and how often you want to stage your event. The Fringe team is there to guide and support you through this process, but not to tell you what to do.

There is no fee to register your event.

What support can I expect Fringe Manila to provide to me?

Fringe Manila is there as a support network and promotional tool. We are there;

To help you find a venue if you need it,

To help you connect with other artists and with potential audiences,

To engage media and other partners to promote the Fringe brand to as wide an audience as possible and help your event connect with media and other promotional opportunities,

To support and endorse any funding applications that help you stage your work at Fringe,

To facilitate advance ticket sales,

To promote your event on the Fringe website and in an online and printed magazine, and

To create a ‘buzz’ around the Fringe event, through promotion and programming, with the purpose of driving potential audiences to our website, our magazine and ultimately to the venues that host Fringe events.

What doesn’t Fringe Manila provide to me?

Like most Fringe festivals around the world, Fringe Manila is open-access and doesn’t curate or select the work in participation. That also means that we don’t pay any of the artists (either as artist fees, per diems, honorariums or any type of reimbursement) to participate. It is the responsibility of each artist and company to finance the staging of every aspect of their event in Fringe.

You may want to offset your expenses by charging a ticket fee. Any ticket fee should be calculated based on the other costs to you (for example, costs relating to venue hire, hiring of stage and sound equipment, payroll and insurances, transport and marketing costs etc.). Fringe Manila is here to help advise you on potential costs and how to budget accordingly, but we do not cover any of these costs.

Do we have to charge a ticket price?

No. Whether you want to charge a ticket price to audiences is up to your discretion. During the registration process, you can tell us whether you want to sell tickets or not.

What is the relationship between Fringe Manila and participating venues?

Each venue participating in Fringe is run entirely independent of Fringe Manila. We don’t tell venues when to host performances or what type of work they should stage. We work with each venue to balance the needs of the venue and the artist. Each venue will have unique expectations on the nature of the work they want to host and what expenses they want artists to cover. The Fringe Manila team is there as an intermediary to ensure that both the artist and the venue are aware of their responsibilities to the other and how they can work together to achieve a successful season at Fringe. Venues participating in Fringe will be as diverse as traditional theater spaces, to empty shops, galleries, public gardens, bars and car parks.

The Fringe team is there to help you navigate through available venues and find the one that suits you. Alternatively, you may already have the right venue in mind. If so, that’s great! Just let us know.

After I have successfully registered, what happens next?

After you have completed your online registration (allow about 10 minutes to complete it) a member of the Fringe team will be in touch with you to discuss your event further and how Fringe can support you in the months ahead.

Registrations will remain open until November 10, 2017 at which time artists will need to have confirmed their event details (event name and copy, event image, venue, dates, times and prices) so that the information can be incorporated into the Official Fringe Manila Program and magazine that will be released in January 2018.

Why participate in Fringe Manila 2018?

Fringe provides an opportunity to showcase the cultural and artistic diversity of a city. It doesn’t discriminate between genres, or exclude emerging artists in favor of the established. It encourages collaboration and embraces new ideas. It is a festival that celebrates community as much as artistic practice itself.

At Fringe Manila, we want to provide a platform to celebrate the diversity of this city, unified under the banner we call ‘Fringe’. Fringe festivals are celebrated across the world, and they are owned and driven forward by the risks artists take in participating in them, the risks venues take in hosting them and the risks audiences take in engaging with them and taking themselves outside of their comfort zones.

Age suitability

Fringe is home to a wide variety of shows, some of which may not be suitable for younger audiences. Information on the age suitability of a show you’re interested in can be found on the TicketWorld website.

How and where can I buy tickets?

Fringe Manila is cultural partners with TicketWorld. You can reserve and purchase tickets online at their website.

Tickets may also be sold at the venue on the day of performance.

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