Fringe Manila is an OPEN-ACCESS arts festival. That means we don’t curate. We don’t tell artists what to create for Fringe. We don’t tell them where to perform. Or when. Or how much to charge their audience. (if they charge at all) We don’t decide what audiences should get to see in Fringe.

We are facilitators. We help bring artists together with each other, with venues and ultimately, with audiences.

Whether you’re an artist, arts collective, independent producer, production house, theater company, gallery or something that defies categorization, Fringe is here to help provide a platform to get your work seen and heard.

There are Fringe festivals all over the world. Each one is different. Each one is unique to the city in which it is staged. We’ve compiled some FAQ’s to help you better understand Fringe Manila and how it supports the artists who participate. Of course, if you can’t find the answer you need, you can contact us on for further information.

The first step in registering for Fringe 2018 is to read the FAQ’s. Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to complete the Artist Registration form. This form does NOT commit you to staging an event as part of Fringe 2018, but it does give us the basic information we need to enable us to better understand your event and how we can help you make the most of your season at Fringe.

Read the FAQ’s here.