PUP Maharlika Dance Artists

 “PUP Maharlika Dance Artists”

Fringe 2018 is an open access, non curated, uncensored arts and community festival that aims to showcase fresh, daring, and groundbreaking material, highlighting the unique point of view of emerging and established artists from the Philippines and all over the world in theater, literature, music, dance, visual art, film, cabaret, performance art, circus and every other artistic genre in between. Fringe Manila is a member of the World Fringe Network, a network of over 200+ independent Fringe festivals across the world.

Izzy Salinel

 “Izzy Salinel”

Fringe 2018 is part of a global network of Fringe festivals across the world. From Edinburgh to London, New York to Philadelphia, Hong Kong to Taipei, South Africa to Melbourne, and numerous major cities throughout the globe with vibrant arts and culture scenes, Fringe represents the voices of artists and artistic genres that both challenge and reflect traditional and contemporary art forms. The Fringe Festival model has been replicated and reinvented in cities and countries throughout the world, and the Philippines is now taking its place in this extraordinary uprising.


 “Miss Joe Abuda”

Fringe 2018 seeks to promote the Philippines as an arts and culture destination for local and international artists. It is dedicated to highlighting original works from local artists, alongside international participants, encouraging a cross pollination of ideas and practices. Fringe Manila aims to provide a unique opportunity to engage audiences with the diversity of artistic practice in Manila, the Philippines and the World.